New supersonic jet will fly from New York to London in 4 hours


Traffic congestion and cramped seats on stuffy passenger planes are experiences only the rest of us have to endure. For billionaires and the super rich, travel is all about speed, convenience, and comfort.

Last week, Airbus Group Chairman Allan McArtor and Aerion founder Robert Bass took a moment on the NBAA Convention show floor in Orlando, Florida to celebrate a joint agreement to develop a new supersonic jet that will cater to high-end business travelers. A decade in development, the sleek Aerion AS2 will finally get the help it needs from a major aircraft producer to finalize and perfect the technology that promises a top speed of Mach 1.6 (1,200 mph) thanks to a unique three-engine design. Still, even the super rich have to abide by laws (sometimes), and current air travel certification for supersonic jets limit speeds to Mach 1.1 or Mach 1.2.

Aerion2Of course, speed is not the only luxury afforded the business elite while zipping through the skies. The Aerion AS2 will also feature posh interior accommodations that will include a 30 ft cabin with a separate stateroom, dining room, and shower that even Don Draper would admire. Altogether, this jet will seat 11 fat cats passengers comfortably. For now, the Aerion AS2 is expected to cost a mere $100 million, and won’t be ready until at least 2021.

The partnership between aerospace firm Aerion and aircraft manufacturing and development company Airbus is an important, albeit incomplete, step toward realizing the Aerion AS2. And make no mistake, each is hoping to gain handsomely from the other.

According to, “As part of the agreement between the companies, Aerion will provide proprietary technology and assistance to Airbus Group in its high-performance aircraft technology development. The technologies include Aerion’s research, its proprietary design tools and patented aerodynamic designs.”

Hopefully, these big name players won’t get into an argument while playing golf, and we can all hope to someday become rich enough to enjoy the experience of flying high in such supersonic jets.


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