Nintendo reveals all in their latest Super Smash Bros. trailer


The release date of one of the most popular fighting titles of all time is almost upon us. If you were on the fence about whether or not to purchase a Wii U, then there may never be a better reason than this. Amid all the sneak peaks, supposed leaks, and phony internet roster line ups, it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. But now, Nintendo is finally pulling back the curtain  and letting players get a good look under the hood of Super Smash Bros.

This video has it all. Starting character line up? Check. Game modes? Check. Full comparison to the 3DS version? Check!  Also covered are new features like their new Amiibo line of figures, the intense eight player versus mode, and sneak peaks of upcoming characters. Take a moment and get comfy because this  trailer runs in excess of 30 minutes. And if you are a die hard Nintendo fan, then every minute of this trailer will have you on the edge of your seat and truly excited about its release!

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