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A review of The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World From Scratch by Lewis Dartwell

The Knowledge- How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch by Lewis Dartnell.jpgIf you grew up watching PBS re-runs, then Dartwell’s latest book will be reminiscent of James Burke’s television series Connections.

The Knowledge is a post-apocalypse user’s manual that provides strategies on how to survive and start over after a cataclysmic event has swept across the world, and Siri is no longer available. Assuming you aren’t planning for the end-of-times already, with stores of food and some survivalist knowledge, as is the case with most urbanized members of society, then look no further. And for those who live near a toll road, you can also think of this book as a Fast-trak to modernity designed to help us navigate through that all too feared future when the technology we’ve come to rely on suddenly ceases to exist.

This book begins with the transition out of modernity as history is forced to begin anew in the ashes of our current society, moving quickly from re-establishing agriculture and transportation to developing paper and kick-starting chemistry labs. In contrast to a home improvement guide or cookbook, The Knowledge reads like a novel in its vision of a society starting from scratch. It also reads like a non-fiction piece as Lewis Dartwell expertly weaves in the history of the items and skills that will have to be recreated and relearned for society to return to the standards we’re currently used to.

PofApesStatue_400x292While there are other survival guides, history books, and either dystopian or utopian novels to match one’s fancy, Dartwell borrows from them all, portraying the information simply and matter-of-factly that will inspire even the most reluctant reader. The Knowledge is a must have when the world is ablaze from the fires of whatever disaster will bring us to the brink of collapse. Until then, it’ll be an amusing and informative read for the daydreamers of the end-of-times, the TV junkies between seasons of The Walking Dead, and the Thoreau-esque idolaters in favor of the return to nature.

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