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The high renaissance of digital consumer convenience is here. With the exponential growth of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, deciding what to watch can sometimes make us first-worlders feel like we are swirling in a vortex of perpetual paralysis. We face the horror of sitting in outsized easy chairs for hours on end, clicking through the intimidating libraries of archived and original content. This ensures that we’ll never achieve a satisfying moment of consensus on what it is we want to watch. Fortunately, a new app called VODBoss is hoping to alleviate, if not eliminate, this historic burden.


VODBoss is an app that shows its users in real-time what television shows and films are streaming across each individual service. Need to know if the latest Parks and Recreation episode is on Hulu? Check VODBoss, it’ll tell you. Want to see if Peep Show has been re-added or re-removed from the Netflix queue? Check VODBoss.

The app also encourages users to recommend or disapprove content, accomplished simply with a single swipe of your finger up or down. Think of it like Tinder for movies. VODBoss accumulates votes to inform users what shows and films are either the least or most recommended at any given point in time. Users can also see which streaming services have the most recommended content, helping users make more prudent decisions over which services to purchase.


The app is the love child between Red Core Technologies and the production company Elementum Entertainment. While this is the first app that Elementum is releasing, it certainly won’t be the last. In addition to releasing VODBoss, the company has been busy with the completion and release of it’s debut feature film Blame, and providing video services to commercial and corporate clients such as Walgreens and Parker-Hannefin.

The app will be available this winter for the Appstore as well as Google Play. To keep up to date with VODBoss, check out their website and follow them on their social media here:

VODBoss Website
VODBoss Facebook
VODBoss Twitter

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