Tech hubs offer the skills needed for success in the digital world


Tech hubs around the world are opening up to offer accelerated programs, boot camps and spaces for personal and entrepreneurial development, marking a revolution in adult education that seeks high impact environments for learning and collaboration suited for success in the digital world.

Evan DuCharme Hack Reactor, Mason and Market st.One intriguing example is San Francisco based Rocket Space, a technology campus that offers a RocketU Development Boot Camp, among various other programs. For a nominal fee, the program offers hands-on training, access to the technology and media needed for skills development, and a host of seminars and social events for job networking. Although there is no guarantee these programs will provide participants an immediate six figure salary upon completion, the same can be said of more traditional educational institutions, which are often more expensive and take much longer to complete due to prerequisite courses that often fall outside of one’s subject area.

These programs are also intensive, and don’t intend on wasting your time. San Francisco based Hack Reactor (upper left image) offers a 12 week curriculum in software engineering where students meet 6 days a week and receive 11 hours of training each day. This is definitely geared to those serious about pursuing such a career, and with a 99% placement rate, Hack Reactor is focused on ensuring the success of its participants.

Other advantages include the variety of training offered and their focus on applicable skills. Over the course of an intensive eight to twenty week program held in various tech hubs, participants can become highly competent in several programming languages and receive concurrent training in public speaking and business strategy. The languages learned often relate to coding for app and web design such as Java, CSS, Python, and HTML, among other languages. This fusion of business and training provides the skills needed in a world thoroughly hooked on technology.

DevBootcamp FOXNews 421x237Tech hubs are also important because tech industry job growth is consistently outpacing job growth in other industries, signaling a continued and growing demand for specialized programming and coding professionals. The New York Times reported in August that job creation in the tech industry had grown 33%  compared to other industries where job creation is averaging just 8%. The same kind of job growth trends have been reported in Atlanta, Portland, and San Francisco. With no employment glut in sight, tech hubs offer the skills and educational opportunities needed that for many may have been difficult to access due to cost and circumstance.

Tech hubs are also spreading to other parts of the world, offering a mix of training and job networking opportunities in communities where there previously were none. Tech Hub, a company founded in 2010 by Varley and TechCrunch’s European Editor Mike Butcher, is currently opening offices throughout Europe and India. Providing environments where tech start-ups can come together and collaborate, Tech Hub is just one of many examples of entrepreneurial and educational innovation taking place in the modern world.

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