What your RPG character class says about you


Many online role-playing games start out by asking the following question: “What character class would you like to play?” It’s an important question that many players spend hours mulling over. After all, and depending on which character class you choose, your entire gaming experience depends on it. But gameplay aside, choosing a character class also says a lot about your individual personality. In fact, consider the process of choosing a character class similar to taking a personal, psychological assessment.

In most online RPGs where co-op gameplay thrives, there are often several different character classes to choose from. Stone Wall types are warriors whose high defense allows them to rush into the thick of battle and live. Glass Cannons are character classes that tend to deal out staggering amounts of damage, but have little to no defense. Healers focus not so much on inflicting damage, but in keeping their comrades alive, acting mostly as support. Which of these characters do you often choose, and what does this say about your personality?

Thick skull, solid muscle and more armo plating than an Abrams tank.

Stone Wall, Tank, Warrior. The names may change, but their game is the same, which is to take the hits for the team. Players drawn to this class tend to favor simplicity. No fancy spells. No complicated tactics. Just an axe and plenty of badguys to put it through. They are leaders, confident and assertive, and thrive on being the backbone of any group. They handle  problems head on, and dislike mindgames.

The Witch and her Daughters by sstarkm

Glass Cannons are a welcome addition to any team, but don’t carry the burden of responsibility that  warriors or healers do. This class is ideal for those who want to be useful and appreciated, but also want to avoid stress. Strategy, patience and skill are the tools they employ. They leave the frontlines to others, thnking their way around problems and advising others.

Nerves of steel, steady hands, and sometimes a spell or two to keep you on this side of the ground.

Healers are essential to any group. They are caregivers who enjoy helping others, thrive on being needed, and can handle the pressure of being depended on in tense situations. Healers are adept at prioritizing and managing resources. The caregivers that rise to the call are some of the most appreciated gamers around.

So, which character class are you drawn to, and why?

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  1. kurtbaldonado@gmail.com'

    I do like glass cannons but the good thing is that defense isn’t a problem due to the stealthing aspect in some characters.

  2. crazyturk@gmail.com'
    Emre Bayraktaroglu on

    I personally like the melee damage (DPS) aspect. Combining the resilience of a tank and the output of a glass cannon.