‘I Am Bread’ is the bread simulator you’ve been waiting for


On the heels of ridiculous games like Goat Simulator and the nearly impossible Surgeon Simulator comes another absurd video game that is likely to cause a bit of frustration and possibly severe bouts of uncontrollable laughter. I Am Bread is a bread simulator. That’s right, a bread simulator.

Announced to the gaming world in October by Bossa Studios, the creators of Surgeon Simulator (shown below), I Am Bread is described as a “beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional journey as it embarks on a quest to become toasted.” Your mission is to move around a house in an attempt to make yourself more delicious and eventually, to be eaten. As you progress through the game, you have to mind your edibility and deliciousness meters throughout your adventure and make sure they do not fall below zero.

With gameplay that clearly resembles the wonky mechanics of Octodad with a skosh of Katamari Damacy, I am Bread appears to be a difficult game. No doubt, it will quickly end up on the nerve-wracking YouTube channel Rage Quit, run by a gamer known for testing the most frustrating video games ever made.

For those of you who can’t wait to be a piece of bread, Bossa Studios is offering an unfinished beta version of the game on December 3rd. It will be available for download through the Steam service for only ten dollars. Finally, we will all have the opportunity to play out our childhood fantasies of being a slice of bread, flopping along the linoleum, picking up dirt, sopping up jam, soaking up water and the like.

Bossa Studio’s website says, “We make games, but not just games, they are different from other games!” With games like Surgeon Simulator, Deep Dungeons of Doom and now I Am Bread, it is clear that they specialize in “different” games. I Am Bread is certainly bizarre, but it looks like it may be fun in a party situation (although it may very well end up being one of those games that you buy and play only a few times to amuse yourself). Still, it could turn out being pretty fun.

If you are a fan of these awkward simulation games like I Am Bread or if you absolutely despise them, give us your opinion in the comment section below. What do you like about these games? What do you hate about these games? Sling some mud. Let’s see where this goes.

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