New app seeks ‘political action by the people’


In light of recent events like Ferguson and the Wheepl logo_courtesy of Wheepldecision by President Obama to re-deploy troops to Afghanistan, many Americans feel increasingly frustrated and disaffected by the political process. Enter Wheepl, a new social media app that hopes to empower citizens with the tools they need to organize effectively and gather and disseminate real-time information quickly.

With a focus on facilitating meaningful action and dialogue on political and social issues, Wheepl sees itself as a champion of “Political Action By the People.”

While most apps are designed to distract people from their day-to-day routines, Wheepl confronts them head on and offers a platform for organizing around issues. Wheepl also aims to help people identify the steps they need to take in order to bring about the changes so many would like to see.

Mukul Sud, the young entrepreneur and founder of Wheepl, explains that “the concept of the application came [to him]from the Occupy Wall Street movement,” which as he notes, “tapped into the frustration of a wide section of society but was unable to direct that frustration in a tangible way.” Sud goes on to say that after experiencing the Occupy movement, he realized the need to create a new social media tool that connects people around political issues in a more meaningful and actionable way. It was from this that Wheepl was born.

Political Map of CA courtesy of PPIC

An idea of political representation on the state level. Image courtesy of the PPIC

What Wheeple offers, aside from the ability to organize around an issue, is the first real-time data aggregator of how people feel about a particular issue at any given time. Wheepl envisions the availability of such information as the next step in breaking down traditional mores around the political process by encouraging politicians to actually represent the people of a local area, rather than their respective party. Instead of waiting and relying on elections and shoddy public opinion polls, Wheepl marks a new social media revolution in how people communicate their ideas and frustrations about the social and political issues affecting their immediate communities.

Wheepl recently received seed funding to scale up in early 2015. The Wheepl app is currently available on the iOS app store.


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