Review: Intocircuit’s 16W Dual USB Solar Charger


Despite your best attempts at preparation, there’s always that moment when the battery life on your favorite mobile device runs out of power, leaving you feeling exasperated and helpless in not being able to capture that perfect sunset or send that important message to your significant other. In addition, spare batteries are quickly depleted, not to mention costly, and your car charger will not always be around when your device is running on empty in a place with no plug in sight. So, what are we technophiles to do? Well, the answer is simple, turn to a solar charging device that’s always ready on the fly…provided there’s enough sunlight, of course.

Enter Intocircuit’s ‘High Efficiency 16W Dual USB Output Foldable Solar Charger’ to solve most of your energy needs.

When solar charging devices first hit the market a decade or so ago, they were expensive and largely inefficient at converting enough energy to power your most used device or home appliance. Fast forward to today, and using solar to charge devices, cars and homes are becoming increasingly commonplace and extremely efficient. Okay, so you must be wondering, “What’s the catch and to what extent does Intocircuit’s new solar charger actually live up to the hype of sun-driven power?”

I spent a good two weeks testing Intocircuit’s solar charger before sitting down and belting out a review. I felt it important to carry around the charger long enough to experience all of the unexpected situations one might encounter with their portable electronic booty, and the backup gear one might need to rely on in a pinch.

Intocircuit Solar Charger4With four foldable panels encased in a rugged polyester fabric, Intocircuit’s solar charger is light, portable, and fits easily inside any bag or backpack. There’s even a built in pouch to place spare USB connectors. As indicated in the name, the solar charger features two 5V USB output ports that can accommodate pretty much any device that’s USB friendly. Although perfect for smartphones, tablets and any device charged via USB, Intocircuit’s solar charger will not accommodate a supercharged i7 gaming laptop.

My first go at using this USB solar charger was an instant success. With just a Intocircuit Solar Charger2light shade of midday sun to take advantage of, the solar charger handily powered my 6″ Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone when left unused. I then took my smartphone and a friend’s iPad mini to test with the charger at the beach. Both times, I made sure to use each respective device while connected to the solar charger. Much to my surprise, the solar charger provided plenty of power to both devices even when streaming a Netflix movie and heavy use. Although Intocircuit clearly states the importance of bright sun for full charging effect, the sunlight available to me was mostly cloud-filtered and intermittent. Surprisingly, even during these low sunlight conditions, all of my devices continued to charge.

Intocircuit Solar Charger 3In terms of appeal, Intocircuit’s solar charger is an instant conversation piece, and I often found myself responding to inquiring people whenever I decided to use the charger in public. At well under $100 (last I checked, the Intocircuit solar charger was on sale for $59.99 on Amazon), Intocircuit’s solar charger is well worth the price, and you’ll find it handy in any number of situations. No doubt, this charger is best used when camping or wherever a wall socket or car charger is not available.


8.3 Good

If you are looking to go camping, or spend some time lounging and reading on the beach, or just want to have a reliable back-up in case you find yourself low on battery and far from a socket or car charger, then look no further than Intocircuit's 'High Efficiency 16W Dual USB Output Foldable Solar Charger.' Its rugged build, lightweight feel, and impressive charging rate guarantee you'll have a reliable solar charger when all else fails.

  • Charging efficiency 7
  • Durability 9
  • Portability 9
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 5.6

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