‘Bluey’ the parakeet recreates the sounds of R2-D2 perfectly


For fear of offending PETA, we should disclose from the beginning that we took no part in the creation of this video, and that we do not under any circumstance condone the abuse of animals. And if it is your inclination to point out the hypocrisy and shamelessness of our decision to share this video, then please note that the publication of this post is the result of hours of research that has enabled us to conclude that the esteemed Bluey the parakeet acted of his own spirited accord and curious gusto. We should also note, in a tone of somber reverence, that during the process of our research we lost an important member of our staff who, after spending 48 continuous hours reading Sir Randolf Pumpernickel’s six volume canon on the “Psychobehavioral Taxonomy of Melopsittacus undulatus” , voluntarily admitted himself into a Los Angeles psychiatric hospital where he is fortunate to enjoy the privilege of privacy from the outside world. The last time we paid a visit, he was seen perched on a rope that hung horizontally across his room, tarred and feathered, and mimicking the sounds of the Australian budgie. We fed him birdseed out of respect.


Hand-raised by the family’s seven-year old daughter, Bluey was noted for his unusual ability to accurately mimic the sound of almost anything he heard. According to Bluey’s owners, even at an early age this mellifluous, blue-hued budgie enjoyed recreating the characteristic sounds made by cockatoos and pigeons that were known to frequent the family’s place of residence. As Bluey matured, so did his appetite for the mimicry of more sophisticated sounds.


Bluey’s ultimate challenge arrived one fateful day when his owners decided to play a series of YouTube clips featuring the chirps, warbles and screams of none other than R2-D2 of Star Wars fame and lore. After only “a few days” of exposure, and much to the delight of the family, Bluey the parakeet mastered the sounds of R2-D2.


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