CES 2015 recap: ultra thin, curved and 8K glassless 3D TVs


If last year was about the emergence of 4k television, then television makers in 2015 are taking it a step further with an impressive collection of 8k resolution, curved and ultra thin television displays. Samsung also upped the ante by creating an 8K glassless 3D UHD TV that boasts a 110 inch screen.


Although glassless 3D viewing in 2014 was a mixed bag – full of exciting (albeit imperfect) technology and lukewarm consumer reaction – the 3D televisions showcased at CES 2015 prove they continue to inch closer to becoming viable consumer products. Check out this video to get a taste of the quality of Samsung’s 8K Glassless 3D UHD TV:

Unfortunately, upscaling to attain such a highnumber of lines is necessary, just as it is currently on 4k TVs via HDMI cabling and internal firmware. So while the consumer market isn’t quite ready for 8k resolution, CES is all about forecasting the future of tech and it’s easy to see where we’re headed: wall-sized televisions with the capacity to view the outside world in real size and in 3D right inside your home.



Samsung also introduced four new curved 4K UHD sets.






Sony takes TV size seriously, but not in the way you might think.

When considering the purchase of a new television set, most of us adhere to the mantra, “The bigger the better!”  This can definitely be true of viewing size, though few realize how to correctly estimate the required screen size given the distance they plan to view the TV from.

The dimensions Sony has taken seriously in the last few years involve depth. Or more accurately, thinness. When a quality TV can be made thin, it draws attraction. Not only is ever thinner television displays impressive to consumers, it’s a novel marketing strategy giving extra specs for salespeople to boast about: minimal material, ease of installation and near weightless portability. Mounting a 70 inch television on the wall is certainly made easy with Sony’s newest 4k TV that comes with an impressive 65″ viewing area and at its thinnest has 4.9mm of depth (or 1/5″). At such thinness, this bad boy mounts nearly flush to the wall.

Sony Ultra Thin 3

As you can see, it’s thinner than the lustfully skinny iPhone 6 and though its suggested retail price is not yet available, when released to the public you can bet it will cost quite a few pretty pennies pressed together. For now, feast your eyes on this:

Sony Ultra Thin

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