Familiar face resurfaces in ‘Walking Dead’ spinoff


It looks like audiences are still thirsting for more TV zombies — and AMC is looking to quench that thirst. The rumor mill is ablaze on word that the network’s impending Walking Dead spinoff (tentatively titled Cobalt) will feature a familiar face from the main series.

And just who will be coming back? Morales.

moralesDon’t feel bad if the name doesn’t ring a bell: Morales was a rather obscure character who appeared in just four episodes of the show’s debut season. He, along with his wife and two children, departed from the main group in order to find loved ones in Birmingham.

To the character’s credit, Morales did stand out in at least one episode–“Vatos”–in which he makes a valiant defense of the survivor camp from an undead horde. There were also interesting relationships that never fully developed, ones that veered from jovial (with T-Dog) to contempt (with Merle).

morales2Up till now, the fate of the Morales family has been unknown. But speculation has been rampant since Morgan Jones, another early figure, resurfaced with the Season 5 opener back in October. It was around the same time that actor Juan Gabriel Pareja tweeted a promo image under #MoralesLIVES.  More recently, Morales’s name appeared on an IMDb listing for the new show, but the name vanished soon after word broke on the Web.

Is concept of this return really all that surprising? This is television, after all. Decades of TV dramas have shown that anyone can appear, die, and then appear again (and not always in that order). Hell, it happens in movies and comic books just as often.

Morales was also one of the few Hispanic characters to appear in the show, which is notable given that two of the spinoff’s leads happen to be a Latino father and son. And it doesn’t hurt to try and appeal to a rapidly growing demographic in the hyper-competitive business of primetime television.

Yet Morales still makes for an odd choice, as he didn’t emerge as a distinct character during his short time in Season 1. He was relegated to a purely supportive role without much focus. His life before The Walking Dead and even his first name are unknown.

Then again, this leaves the show’s writers a lot of room to create an interesting story-line highlighting his origin and his life since he left Atlanta all those years ago.

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