The star’s the limit in ‘No Man’s Sky’


With 2015 barely underway, the year is already loaded with several highly anticipated game releases. A barrage of AAA titles, ranging from Halo 5 to The Legend of Zelda Wii U, boast bigger worlds and advanced features beyond anything we’ve ever seen on older systems. But the most ambitious game of the new year won’t be coming out of an existing series or an AAA studio at all.

Say hello to Hello Games‘ No Man’s Sky – an intergalactic open world adventure that promises to fit the vastness of space into your living room. Players will be free to explore a procedurally generated universe so massive that it will never be fully revealed. Trying to grasp the scale of the game will likely result in brain hemorrhaging—if you visited every planet for a single second, it would take approximately “585 billion years” to reach every one.


A procedurally generated universe means constant discovery

Luckily players don’t have to do this (completely) alone. No Man’s Sky’s universe will be a shared one, letting players share their planetary discoveries with others who are online. Whether or not you’ll encounter anyone is a different story. Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, explained that it would be difficult for players to meet up because of the sheer scale of the universe and the planets themselves. Space exploration will likely be a solitary affair, with players discovering new galaxies, gathering resources and engaging in ship combat on their own.

Specifics about these mechanics are still scarce despite a PS4 release date set for sometime this year (PC release coming later), but if anything is certain, it’s that the biggest game of 2015 will be from a studio of 10 people. Be sure to bring your completionist friends some food and water when this game drops, because they’re going to be lost in No Man’s Sky for a long time.

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    NMS has far more potential than most see yet. The mathematics and coding they are dealing with will create a simulated reality that will, at times, baffle the observer.


      Yes! You see the light my friend, this is why I’m excited for NO MANS SKY, You said it perfectly, this is to an extent, a real Place, a real ALTRRNATE GALAXY, Alternate Reality. IN some ways more ” Real” than tv shows and movies or books even. I’m sounding nerdy but tvs and movies use special effects or CGI to make rain or anything they want, it’s not real, they’re ” SKYBOXES”, Ya know what I mean,the systems these computers generate are just as real as our Universe because basically like in our universe, things are just Maths everywhere, I don’t want to get religious but essentially our universe is procedurally generated, Right? I mean matter is arranged in ways that follow laws and theories to which we understand them, we don’t create trees or rivers or erosion or gravity, or any other laws, or Fundamental Forces, electro magnetic, strong weak radioactive force,etc. Inorganic and organic and intelligent and non intelligentlife in all forms and geography develops and evolves from our ” Formulas and systemsfor this universe”, and it’s properties and laws we must abide to. When I play, no, Experience No Mans Sky, it will be a “real place” to me with unexplored Everything, I will be s lonely astronaut in my own space storyand my memories and experiences inside this alternate reality im sure will be long lasting and cherishing.
      Ps. I’m a game and science nerd, I know, andI love it, Science is awesome.


    Also, NMS hasn’t been Released, do I won’t praise the game itself per say, im just commenting and the process of creating this Galaxy, it’s really unbelievable. Regardless of how many are workin on it. Hello Games could have played it safe and just add no creativity or innovation and keep developing things that have already been done b4. I mean the dude sold his house for christs sake,just to find Joe Danger 1. Hello Games and No Mans Sky is Really tryin to be different, just the fact that you Bret, are babbling about NMS, Hello Games has done its job, even if is negative comments.To me, NoMans Sky seems like it Is all about a feeling or emotion, an experience, I can’t describe it, but only a few games made me truly Feel ….Something. Now honestly, I don’t play games that much at all really,especially PC, just never got into them,…. Anyway I playmainly just Late at night. And Those 3 games were dk64 as a child, manhunt 1, wen I was around 13, and The Last of Us Remastered Recently. Manhunt and TLOU are similar, kinda but they both just evoke Emotion, same with Dk64 . obviously. To myself, these were experiences, memories that, not to sound too much if a game nerd, but I remember These experiences more so than tv shows Or movies , and on par with certain books I’ve read. Damn, I wrote a fuckin whoe page again, Just Appreciate No Mans Sky for what it is Subjectively, and you’ll see Y I’m excited for it


    Small discrepency. It’ll actually take 500 billion years if you explored ever planet for one second.


      correcting the corrector: it will take 585 Billion Years to touch down on every planet for JUST 1 Second!


    You know why No Mans Sky caught my eye, it literally made me gasp with AWE, and that was just the VGX trailer, b4 I knew any solid details, which by the way, if you’re waiting for NMS, IMO, DONT READ any more info on NMS. That is a Huge part of this and all games. It sorta ruins the game, ya know? These teasers made me feel like a kid again, and I Loved That! This kind of innovation never happens to people, groups,companies, that are made and are comfortable. No AAA. Studio WOULD EVER DREAM of tryin something this ambitious anymore, why would theyy? They have to rather listen to their business and corporate team. So, AAA studios put out another boring good vs. evil, forced corridor shooting for better graphics. “Random encounters”, vRepetitive EASY bullshit QTEs, plus DLC, after DLC, after DLC, after DLC. Cough cough DESTINY, I really hope Bungie is embarrassed by Hello Games, they should be. Literally, listen to the devs talk bout Destiny pre launch. That is No Mans Sky! Not this stupid Repetituve “Sci-Fi” FPS Halo clone where all it is is basically Lazy Sci- Fi with skyboxes, “Voice Acting”, and Repetitive no strategy goons you KILL, KILL, KILL!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Who Cares, just shoot baddies and pay for DLC. Sorry for my rant, but people wil expect everything from this NMS, which just isn’t possible. I think this game will be somewhat basic for a sandbox game, but it will open the door to smaller teams matching up with huge AAA studios,in terms of variety of gameplay and visuals, audio, dynamic mechanics,size of game world,etc. I am really excited some people genuinely had an itch to create this game, so to that, thank you Hello Games.


        Indeed, well said my thoughts exactly, Sean said himself why he is enjoying more indie free forming games, it’s because indies have constraints AAA studios don’t have to worry about, it’s thru these constraints, be it thru funds, talent, amount of people,,time, and Expectations,etc. where true innovation and creativity happens, and No Mans Sky and Hello Games fits the bill to a tee.


      So you actually think a world that is 90% bare is a good thing?! This game sounds like a joke. The developers said themselves that 90% of the planets are barren with nothing living on them besides grass. They also said that 90% of the creatures found will be “super boring”. This game sounds horrible. What a joke


        Look I’m not here to saY Objectively how No Mans SkY will be or how good or bad it’ll turn out. Just remember, 10% of 18 quintillion is 1.8 quintillion, and so on and so on, so wen they say things like ” 90% of EVERYTHING will be boring right, but remember this is A GALAXY SIZED GALAXY WITH PLANET SIZED PLANETS. If NMS does well then Sean said they’ll be able to add so much more content for free thru updates, this game WILL evolve, just give it a little time, ” COUGH COUGH, DESTINY! That garbGe of a mainsteam “SCI-FI” money sucking FPS aRepetitive DLC Machine. Anyway I’m just excited that SOMEONE is finally tryin something different, for a change. This game will open the door for small devs to go toe to toe and not be constrained by content. I believe that Many people from AAA studios Will branch out and be able to do the things he or she may want to do, but can’t. And I think with Sean’s software, Procedural Generative everything, not just gameplY but music as well, it will level the playing field.


    I wouldn’t believe anything you read on KDramaStars, they make up stuff just to get views, and have no sources. The only confirmed date of release as of now is 2015. They have said nothing about a Fall release date, or any other dates. Also, for more details on how Multiplayer works, you should check out the Game Informer article (and the other articles in their hub are worth a read too):

    • Thanks for the feedback; the article has been updated to reflect the release date confirmation. The GameInformer article is a great read and was hyperlinked in the original post.