22 Things Bloodborne Shares With The “Souls” Universe


Bloodborne is:

a) Part of the “Souls” series
b) A dark, exciting gothic adventure
c) The best reason for owning a PS4
d) All of the above

The answer is, well, all of that and more. Bloodborne, previously known as “Project Beast”, is the next game from Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Demon’s and Dark Souls, two of my favorite games which are also, two of the hardest, most fun games committed to console. I try to ignore Dark Souls II because frankly it wasn’t directed by Miyazaki and suffered greatly. In short, it was crap in comparison. But let’s forget about the past and concentrate on the future.

And now…eighteen glorious minutes of Bloodborne from what I can assume is the close-to-final version, care of IGN. Watch, and then discover the similarities Bloodborne shares with the rest of the Souls universe.

1 - waking up

1. A series staple: waking up without a clue in a vicious world that wants to eat your liver for lunch.

2 - pushing x to open a door

2. Push “X” to open door. Yup, it’s a Souls game (or any game for that matter).

3 - enemies attacking you minus weapons

3. Enemies attacking you before you’re prepared. This happened at the start of Dark Souls II.

4 - You died

4. “You Died” – the worst game over screen ever, part of every Souls game.

5 - nexus world

5. A nexus world, last seen in Demon’s Souls

6 - menu screen

6. A far more refined inventory screen. But what is “blood ATK”, “Blood Echoes”, “insight” and “Bloodtinge”? So much blood!

7 -  improved inventor

7. Again, a much better-looking quick inventory system.

8- buy and sell

8. A first, being able to buy AND sell. You could sell items in Dark Souls II, but it was seen as a hidden feature, as only one random NPC could do this.

9 - fireplaces

9. Teleporting – it’s available from the get-go.

10 - souls

10. Blood tranfusions – here’s the currency of the game. No souls, just pints of blood!

11 - big gates that open slow

11. Doors that open real slow and creaky-like…check.

12 - fireplace

12. Discovering fireplaces (savepoints).

13- vials

13. The Blood Vial: I’m guessing this is the Estus Flask of Bloodborne

14- bloody

14. It’s very bloody. Did we mention how utterly soaked in gore it is? Makes a nice change from the blood-free Dark Souls II. Yeah, I really disliked Dark Souls II.

15 - no shield

15. You ain’t got no shield, but foes do.

16 - backstab bug

16. See this backstab animation here? There should be a cleaver in that hand. I’m guessing this bug From Software will work out before launch on 24 March.

17- shotgun not shield

17. Your “defense” is a shotgun, not a shield. I look forward to mixing this up in combat.

18 - no one is human

18. Wierdo NPCs – what’s a Souls series without them? Also, she/he/it mentions that there are “no humans left”. Whatever does it mean?

19 - fireplace again

19. Yet another fireplace found.

20 - german, friend and guide

20. Who is this German (Am I spelling this correctly)? He just wants you to kill ’cause you know “It’s just what Hunters do.”

21 - fireplace is workshop

21. Fireplaces are actually workshops in the game. The Hunters Dream (hub world) will keep it all nicely together.

22- easy first boss fight

22. It ends with a nice easy boss fight, which the IGN player can’t seem to beat, most likely for the purposes of this video. Looks easy enough. Roll, attack, repeat.

We’ll find out more as the days tick down to 24 March, Bloodborne’s release date.

All images via IGN

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  1. killerman471@gmail.com'
    Mohammad Al-Ayoubi on

    “16. See this backstab animation here? There should be a cleaver in that hand. Iā€™m guessing this bug From Software will work out before launch on 24 March.”

    It isn’t a glitch this is how back stabs were done in Bloodborne, and it was the same with the alpha.