Is Apple preparing to buy Tesla for $75 billion?


It’s been widely reported that Apple may be developing an electric car, which would put Apple in direct competition with Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors. Recently, however, American internet entrepreneur and writer Jason Calacanis made a stunning prediction which seems to turn the entire idea of Apple competing with Tesla on its head.

What if Apple is planning to purchase Tesla Motors instead?

Apple would successfully eliminate a competitor and assimilate much of the infrastructure needed to quickly make its vision a reality. As much as we respect and love Elon Musk and Tesla, Apple is the better known brand, and Tim Cook is the better known name.

Why does Jason Calacanis think Apple will buy Tesla?

Jason CalacanisJason Calacanis has a long list of reasons; some concrete, some speculative, but most are based on how much the two companies would achieve if they were to combine forces. Here are just a few of the reasons he provided:

  • Apple is up to something big, with rumors circulating that Apple may be secretly testing an electric car.
  • Both Tim Cook and Elon Musk are fond of solar energy and have invested heavily in its future. In fact, Cook spent nearly a billion dollars to build one of the country’s biggest solar farms.
  • Additional rumors suggest that around 100 former Apple employees are currently working for Tesla.
  • Apple stores would look that much more appealing if a shiny new car were sitting in the center of the floor.

Jason Calacanis didn’t mention what would motivate Elon Musk to sell Tesla. But for $75 billion, he doesn’t need to explain. Musk doesn’t care about money and he’s one of the few leaders of the corporate world who simply wants to change the world for the better. Tesla is all about ending our dependence on fossil fuels (as is Solar City) and getting more electric cars on the streets. If Musk can find a way to facilitate the process while also acquiring a massive sum of cash he can use to make a few of his other dreams come true, then it’s hard to see him turning down a buyout.

Obviously, these are just conjectures – and it’ll probably stay that way. Chances are Jason Calacanis wasn’t being entirely serious with his predictions. But it’s an interesting idea since it wouldn’t be a bad deal for Apple or Tesla. Do you think they should go through with it?

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