Apple is rumored to be working on an electric car


Earlier this week, an anonymous Apple employee submitted an unsolicited email to the Business Insider claiming that the famous Cupertino-based company is working on a project to build an all electric car that “will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money.”

In a follow up investigative Wall Street Journal report, “people familiar with the matter” claim several hundred people are already working on the project, which inside sources say is named Titan.

According to additional leaked news, Apple has approximately 50 former Tesla employees, many of whom are engineers, that may be working on project Titan. Among those assigned to Titan is Steve Zadesky, a former Ford engineer and current Apple product design vice president.

The report also highlights the importance of Apple’s recent decision to hire Marc Newson, a highly respected former Ford designer who is best known for his 1999 021C concept car design. Newson is also known for his sleek product aesthetic that include cameras, smart watches, spaceplanes and more. Apple is clearly looking to Newson for help in crafting exciting designs for some of Apple’s most ambitious projects. Check out our gallery of his work below:

These reports and rumors have also been independently confirmed by The Mac Observer, who added “that Apple has been looking for—and acquiring—the kind of people from Tesla with expertise that is most suited to cars. So much so that I went from being a doubter to a believer almost instantly.”

What to expect from an Apple electric car

If Apple’s plans to build their electric car comes to fruition, it will no doubt generate tremendous buzz among consumers and the media looking for something truly revolutionary from Apple. Although Titan represents a bold new move for Apple, in many ways the building of an electric car makes sense. As we accelerate towards a world where the Internet of Things, in which all electronic devices communicate with each other wirelessly, is commonplace, Apple’s OS ecosphere will have the opportunity to extend into whole new market segments and data spheres. Imagine an Apple electric car that seamlessly integrates with Maps, iTunes and other OS-based apps. Everything you observe or experience in an Apple electric vehicle will interact with all other Apple devices and software. One obvious benefit to this would be Siri, who, in an electric car, would truly become a virtual assistant with a variety of new responsibilities. Hopefully, more information will be disclosed in the coming months.

(featured image is merely an artist’s conception and does not represent an actual Apple design)

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