Review: Choetech’s 50W 6-Port Wall Charger


It’s near midnight and you and your spouse are fighting over a single power outlet near the bed. Although you’ve purchased a six plug extension cord conveniently located behind the bed-frame, multiple power cords of varying length are causing a nasty match of tug of war. With his and her tablets and smartphones, not to mention plugged-in back-up alarm clocks and other miscellaneous devices, tangled cords and plenty of hair-pulling hassle is all but assured. Solution: a single hub to charge all your electronic devices.

Enter Choetech’s 50W 6-Port Wall Charger.

First appearances, gut reaction

choetech-usb-charger2The first reaction I fielded internally was, “No way this single hub can simultaneously charge six devices at once and at full power.” Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. After hurriedly ripping open the package (sorry, it must be the remnants of my barbaric heritage), I plugged in Choetech’s 6-Port Wall Charger and sized up its matte black plastic case that’s rubber smooth to the touch. Challenge accepted. Next, I took all of the portable devices (excluding the laptop) in my house – three smartphones and a tablet – and plugged them into four of Choetech’s 6 available USB charging ports. In less than a few seconds, I was happy to discover all of these devices not only charging at the same time, but at full power. In fact, the duration of time it took to charge all said devices took no longer than they would via their standard chargers and plug-ins.

The wall charger itself features a detachable power cord and with the hub weighing in at a mere 158g and easily fitting in the palm of your hand, portability and storage is a breeze. Although the build is tough enough to endure accidental falls, I can see the case being susceptible to cracking given the full weight of one’s unwary foot. That said, breaking is not a concern as the exercise of common sense should keep this puppy safe for good.

Choetech’s specs and deets

Choetech-USBcharger3With a total output of 50 watts, Choetech offers “a unique port-level circuit protection system that shuts it down in the event of over-voltage, over-current, overheating or short circuits” for device protection. Another convenient feature is the assurance that you can plug in any USB powered device into any one of the 6 available ports and expect the charger to appropriately identify and supply the correct current needed. Although some reviewers have complained about the charger’s lack of an LED status light, I never found this to be an issue because, simply put, most smartphones and tablets already offer some form of charging status.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Choe’s 6-ports wall charger
  • 1 x 1.m/5ft Detachable Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications

  • Input: AC100 – 240V
  • Total Maximum Output: 5V / 10A
  • Chargin Port Output: 5V / 10A (max)
  • Size: 3.48 inches long x 2.81 inches wide x 1.14 inches deep
  • Weight: 158G

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9.3 Awesome

Lightweight, portable and able to charge six USB-powered devices simultaneously and at full power, for goodness sake what more do you want? Oh yeah, wireless charging. Until that affordable day happens, Choetech's 50W 6-Port Wall Charger is your best bet.

  • Portability 10
  • Durability 8
  • Charging Efficiency 10
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