Watch this fan-made Millennium Falcon quadcopter take flight


One of the most iconic and beloved characters in the Star Wars series is Jar Jar Binks…Uh, hell no!

Allow me to begin again.

One of the most iconic pieces of tech in the Star Wars series is Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. Commanded by smuggler Han Solo and his gargling Wookie first mate, Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon is perhaps one of the most recognizable spaceships in science fiction film history. Inspired by a hamburger and an olive on the side for a cockpit, the Millennium Falcon’s characteristic hypserspace engine sound is the recorded noise of a McDonnell Douglas DC-9.

And as a testament to its universal appeal and intrigue, I’ve completely lost track of the original intent of this article, selfishly exercising my child-like fascination with everything MF. Get a grip man, it’s going to be okay.

Few fans, however, know how to show their appreciation for the Millennial Falcon as redditor Olivier-FR, who created a real-life radio-controlled replica of Han Solo’s favorite “hunk of junk”.

Oliver-FR designed an exterior shell made out of an insulant, expanded polystyrene that’s 20 and 30mm in thickness, which sits on top of a quadcopter drone that was also built by Oliver-FR. Although the frame’s design causes a few issues of control in-flight, the damn thing is fitted with LED lights at the rear and front that is sure to make any Star Wars fan giggle with delight. Now, check it out and join in the visual fun before I make an even bigger fool of myself:

And here’s another video seeking to emulate the experience of flying on Hoth:

Courtesy of Oliver-FR’s Imgur, which also offers blueprints for those DIYers interested in building the frame themselves from scratch, here are a few pics of the Millennium Falcon replica in its various stages of development:

millennial falcon2

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