Watch this world-renowned freediver “run” underwater


French freediver Guillaume Néry teamed up with director and underwater cameraman Julie Gautier to produce this spectacular underwater performance in which Néry leaps and bounds across the ocean floor near the Rangiroa atoll.

Located approximately 355km Northeast of Tahiti and known for the power of its swift underwater currents, the Tiputa pass was the ideal location for team Néry and Gautier to collaborate in capturing this amazing footage. Although Néry’s feet appear to make contact with the ocean floor, the effect is purely illusory and artistic as Néry relies only on the sheer force of the underwater currents to propel him forward. Of course, the ability to descend to such depths without the aid of air tanks is itself impressive, not to mention the dramatic quality of the video footage.


In 2006, Guillaume Néry held the world record for constant weight freediving at -109 meters.

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