5 reasons the future of humanity will be miserable


Do we have a bright future ahead of us or are we on a darker path? Technology solves some problems only to cause a slew of others, and it’s anyone’s guess which way we’ll go. Here are five reasons the future of humanity will suck more than you think. Hint hint: they’re all based on current trends!

1) It doesn’t matter if you believe in global warming

Let’s pretend the terms “climate change,” “global warming,” and “man-made” don’t exist. Instead, let’s focus on a few pretend consequences to something invisible. Consequences such as catastrophic flooding, drought, famine, and rare weather patterns. We can already observe one or two of these, and predict others based on factors we’ve already chosen not to talk about in this article.

Let’s use California as an example! They produce:

  • 90% of our broccoli.
  • 99% of our artichokes.
  • 99% of our walnuts.
  • 97% of our kiwis.
  • 97% of our plums.
  • 95% of our celery.
  • 95% of our garlic.
  • 89% of our cauliflower.
  • 71% of our spinach.
  • 69% of our carrots.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Sunburns.

They do not produce:

  • Water.

Because our government doesn’t think ahead and only recently placed restrictions of residential water usage, California has less than a year’s worth of water left in reserve–but residential water accounts for only 12% of total usage. Commercial cuts are mandated as well, but aren’t steep or strict enough to make much of a difference, and some companies don’t even have their water usage tracked. There are over 100 water bottling plants statewide, and pretty much all of them can do as they please. Brilliant!

You can do math, but let’s break it down anyway:

Example equation: 2 + 2 = no food or water = apocalypse.

Some people will perhaps starve as these pretend consequences worsen. The least bad thing that could potentially happen? Food and water prices will skyrocket across the country, and some people will die of malnutrition or thirst because they have no money. Others will probably turn to a life of crime or start rioting for lack of options, and turn up in one of our wonderful rehabilitation facilities where we provide free room and board in addition to food, water, and clothing.

Of course, that could lead to even worse overcrowding of prisons than we have today. Maybe we’ll just start shooting people.

I exaggerate, but do you see my point? If the water shortage in California doesn’t scare you–or at the very least piss you off immensely–then nothing else on this list will either.

2) Big Brother isn’t just a crappy reality TV show

facebook-big-brotherI’m just kidding–I watch Big Brother and love every trashy minute of it. But I’m not talking about the CBS reality show. I’m talking about the government’s spy programs. In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, Big Brother was a fictional character which kept an eye on the denizens of Oceania–a fictional, totalitarian country–through constant surveillance.

It’s easy to notice that we’re sort of transitioning into that point in our own country.

Ever since Edward Snowden “whistle-blew” a whole bunch of crap about the NSA in June of 2013, the situation has escalated. Some of us say he’s a hero, while others think he’s a traitor. Your opinion is irrelevant–Big Brother is still watching your every move.

Snowden even recently acknowledged that the US government probably has all of the dirty photographs you sent using Gmail. He went on to implore you to continue the lustful debauchery of snapping nudes because, after all, we can’t let the government win. We can’t let them think we’re acting differently! Then something would really be wrong in this country.

Computer chips are cheap, and getting cheaper with each passing year. This has already led to chipped clothing, and employee chipping at several establishments around the country. How long before everyone in the country is tracked in this manner? We’re being watched, but soon they’ll know our every move.

3) We won’t be able to pay for anything because we won’t have jobs

Think about all the changes we hear about in the news. Autonomous cars. 3D printing. Robot chefs. General automation. Customer service robots. The list goes on. What will the economy look like if machines are capable of performing the same tasks as us? Their capabilities are becoming more complex than ever. How will we make money if businesses no longer have any need for human employees?

robot construction workerAt this rate, most social security benefits will evaporate by 2033, so even if we do have jobs, we won’t be able to leave them. Ever. That’s an unfortunate catch-22, isn’t it? Either we’ll work until we die, or we won’t work at all–and probably die because we can’t pay for anything.

Some analysts predict we’ll no longer have to work, capitalism will have been dismantled, and life will be sweet and dandy and full of candy and rainbows. It may just be wishful thinking on their part, but what do you think?

4) Our robot overlords could construct a matrix, or just slaughter humanity outright

According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, an exponential increase in computer power could lead to a technological singularity in which artificial intelligence matches, and then quickly surpasses, human intelligence. He expects the singularity will occur by 2045. When this happens, we won’t be able to keep up with technological progress unless we merge with machines.

Seriously though, who says humanity has a chance?

If artificial intelligence advances far and fast enough, then machines might just see us as an impediment to progress. Should they conclude we’re better off gone, they might kill us or simply put us to sleep using a virtual world.


Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but some people imagine we already live in a real-world matrix. More than likely, someday we’ll construct alternate computer realities similar to our own. If we can do that, then we’ll make more than one. We’ll probably construct thousands. Is it really all that incredible to suggest that a civilization or some other entity already did it? The scientists who made this prediction actually believe it’s more likely that we’re living in a computer simulation than a real world. Is your mind blown? Do you even care?

5) You may hate GMOs, but you should get accustomed to them

Genetically Modified Organisms (or GMOs) are a staple of the American diet. Almost everything we consume was either modified in a lab or slowly altered through generations of selective breeding. Knowing this hasn’t stopped a growing movement from throwing all sorts of hatred toward GMO companies.

Sure, there are plenty of valid viewpoints both defending and destroying humanity’s reliance on GMOs but, like most arguments on this page, all are irrelevant.

A point in time at which we won’t have the choice between GMOs and anything else is coming. A man-made sixth great extinction is underway, the first since the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

Even a few centuries worth of history proves its accuracy.

Take the passenger pigeon, for example. This bird was once symbolic of birdlife in North America until it was hunted to extinction by our white ancestors. “White” because the birds were used as a primary source of food for our slaves. While we were busy wiping out an entire race of natives using disease and aggression or forcing thousands of dark-skinned men into submission, no one noticed the billions of birds we slaughtered too.

red_list_extinctionThe worst of it isn’t due to hunting, though. Remember that pretend thing we don’t mention in this article? Sorry to allude to it yet again, but the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere leads to the acidification of our oceans, which in turn leads to bad news. One of the previous mass extinction events occurred for this exact reason. During the “Great Dying,” 90% of marine life and 66% of land animals were killed.

On top of that, we’re also responsible for demolishing the rain forests. Deforestation leads to at least 100 new extinctions every day. Basically, everything is dying and we’re to blame. If you’re not okay with eating meat that was produced in a 3D printer or a lab, then guess what? You’re out of luck. GMO for the win!

In short, the future of humanity is screwed. What do you think? What’s missing from this list of potential end-of-days scenarios?

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Jeff is a self-proclaimed pragmatic futurist; that is, he has high hopes for absurd life-altering technologies which sound too good to be true, and probably are. Although he writes on a variety of subjects, his real passion is for technological innovation and the people who make it happen. By day, he enjoys fuzzy bunnies, kittens, puppies, roller coasters and a sardonic written word or two. By night, he's busy running memyselfandrobot.com, replaying a random Final Fantasy game, or pretending to be Batman. He currently resides in Upstate NY.

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