Ideapod offers a social media experience around ideas


Co-founders Justin Brown and Mark Bakacs created a new social media platform called Ideapod that encourages users to engage in meaningful conversations and to share and generate original ideas.

Are such things possible in the world of social media?

When scanning almost any social media site, you are likely to find friends, family and even some strangers sharing their triumphs, laughs and darkest times. While it’s easy to scan personal and public newsfeeds for the latest profile update, let’s face it, there are plenty you try your hardest to ignore. And with the growth of paid promotional and advertorial posts, it’s easy to lose sight of what many social media platforms set out to accomplish in the first place, namely, a digital environment where people can communicate.

How Ideapod seeks to be different

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Despite those who criticize the relatively recent transition from in-person contact to digital communication, several companies and brilliant entrepreneurial minds have capitalized on the growing dependence people have on technology and their desire for instant communication. And Ideapod is the latest such venture hoping to offer a social media experience that is entirely different from the rest.

Utility is not something most users prioritize when participating in social media, but Ideapod is hoping to change that by creating an online platform for a global community where ideas and inspiration are easily transferred from one creative and inventive spirit to the next.

According to the Ideapod website, it was developed not to create a further divide between humans but to connect people in a more meaningful way. The site boasts easy and free membership and has accessible features that make it quick to post anything from a business or creative idea to a personal experience or story.

How it works

IdeapodThis online hub for creativity and collaboration allows you to share your thoughts in a variety of ways. Unlike the typical experience of signing up to a social media site, that’s akin to completing forms for your first doctor’s appointment, creating a profile for Ideapod is quick and stress-free. Instead of asking for your age, location, gender and blood type, the profile sticks to the basics of username and password and linking your perferred social media accounts to the site.

This streamlined start to membership gets you posting your ideas well before you forget them while completing your profile. Still, some people may find social media an overwhelming experience and for good reason. The constant flood of unfiltered and unorganized information can be difficult to take in. Ideapod, however, eases that element of social media by allowing you to select topics that interest you like science, world affairs and arts. Once you’ve selected your personal interests, you can read and comment on other people’s posts, link your ideas to theirs, or create your own posts. You can also invite friends to view ideas you’ve shared or written on the page.

As critical as many people (and even I at times) can be of social media use, this social community is a productive way to spend time. If posting a picture of your curious cat getting into trouble gains attention and likes from others, maybe posting your brilliant ideas, stories and theories on Ideapod could surpass your previously low social media expectations.

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