Robot chefs will cook for the rich in 2017


One of the most distinguishing acts characteristic to humans is the art of cooking, a process that has evolved from the simple application of fire to prepare meats, fish and veggies to the modern day master chefs who stir, pour and mix ingredients that titillate our tongues in ways limited only by their imagination.

Unfortunately, as the demands of work and life in the digital age minimize the time we have available to concoct meals full of flavor and gusto, we are increasingly resigned to either eating out or scarfing down hastily prepared meals that aren’t always the most appetizing or healthy.

This is about to change…or at least for the very rich.

robot chefs

Currently, several research firms and companies are developing machines that will be capable of cooking for us, literally handling all the utensils and accouterments involved in the art of cooking. And while many have provided impressive examples of rudimentary machines performing simple culinary tasks, there is one that is promising a fully functioning pair of robot arms and hands that will be able to replace human cooks entirely.

Mark Oleynik’s robot chefs

Mark Oleynik is the founder of Moley Robotics, a company that is promising to commercially market robot chefs in 2017. Composed of 129 sensors, 24 joints and 20 motors, Oleynik’s robot hands can express the same range of motions as human hands. These robot hands are part of a larger automated kitchen setup, and will be able to create up to 2,000 different dishes at the push of a button via your cell phone.

The process of developing these robotic functions involved 3D recording actual chefs performing certain motions and tasks associated with cooking, and then transferring these movements into algorithms uploaded into the robotic system.

Whether you love food and want to explore different cuisines, or fancy saving a favorite family recipe for everyone to enjoy for years to come, the Automated Kitchen can do this. It is not just a labor saving device – it is a platform for our creativity. It can even teach us how to become better cooks.Mark Oleynik

As you’ll see in the video, Oleynik’s robot chefs are truly impressive, and beg the question, “to what extent will the tradition of humans cooking become obsolete?” For now, expect these robotic chefs to be pretty darn expense, and mostly serving the 1%.

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