New eye-tracking technology will direct your car headlamps


Researchers and engineers from car manufacturers Vauxhall Motors and Opel International apparently thought it would be a brilliant idea to create car headlamps which follow your eye movements. The new eye-tracking technology will not only determine where your headlights land, but also how bright they are.

According to Director of Light Technology at Opel, Ingolf Schneider, the technology has been two years in the making and the team has enjoyed the support of the Technical University at Darmstadt.

Paul Eisenstein of the Detroit Bureau has an interesting take on the forthcoming innovation:

“Take a late night walk down a dark country lane and you’re likely to aim your flashlight precisely where you want to look. Imagine having a car that’s equally intuitive.”

car headlamps vox

Vauxhall Mokka’s AFL+ xenon headlamp beams automatically adjust according to the needs of the road. Credit: GM

Pothole up ahead? Take a look! Think that babe on the sidewalk might be your type? Let her know with a romantic, glowing glance! Incoming traffic pissing you off? Give road rage a new meaning by blinding a driver with line-of-sight high beams!

Flashlights are not headlamps.

The future of car headlamps

Other, smarter systems currently employed in vehicles automatically adjust the car headlamps to avoid blinding other drivers. Hopefully, the same technology will be combined with the eye-tracking headlamps.

All of this is part of a trend toward the improvement of automotive lighting. These include High-Intensity Discharge (HID), LEDs and laser lights which greatly increase the range of incandescent lighting.

vox eyesAnother recent innovation has resulted in car headlamps which turn in the direction the car is moving. If you adjust the steering wheel to the right, then your headlamps will move as well.

Most of these advancements make perfect sense, but eye-tracking car headlamps seem like an imminent public relations disaster. We’ll try to remain optimistic anyway. At least technology is making progress, right? Let us know what you think about the potential for the new invention in the space below!

For now, we would rather see this become more accessible:

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