These portable speakers spew fire to the beat of music


Danish designers Markus Buch, Matt Ward and Christian Fisker recently announced a new Kickstarter campaign for their portable, Bluetooth-enabled speakers that spew and sputter flames to the beat of music.

Pyro BoardLast year, these pyromaniac Dutch designers and engineers became famous when videos of their Pyro Board music visualizer went viral on the web. Consisting of 2,500 Bunsen burners that emit flames when synchronized to the sound of music, the Pyro Board dazzled viewers for its intricate fire dancing patterns. According to its creators, the Pyro Board can “turn your music into a moving fire pattern” depending on the type and speed of the selected music.

Smaller, fire breathing speakers

Not to be outdone, these pyro-pirates and their company Sound Torch are hoping to raise enough funds to launch their latest fire blasting iteration in the form of much smaller speakers that function similarly to the Pyro Board. And much like the fire spitting bravado of these new speakers, the Danish creator trio are equally boastful about why you should purchase such a hair singeing incinerator in your home: “Did Metallica cry because they were going to be pyrotechnics on stage? No! Even Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire. Imagine if Avicii or Hardwell couldn’t use fire in their show? Disaster—it’s all about the FIRE not small pretty bubbles for kids.”

Clearly, these intrepid engineers are hoping their speakers will find their way inside man caves and large scale outdoor music venues intent on adding a bit more danger in the lives of careless beer swilling “bros” and already crowded outdoor settings. I kid. Perhaps their next version will allow us to set a grill across its perforated surface so we can revel in the act of barbecuing some hot dogs and chicken while fist bumping to AC/DC.

Sound Torch is offering just 100 of these gas-powered, fire breathing musical speakers for early adopters.

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