HexH2o is a crafty new drone that can film underwater


If you’ve ever wondered about the whimsical creatures swimming beneath the ocean waves, then this new drone might be for you. The HexH2o uses a GoPro camera to capture video from the sky above or the ocean floor below, and is the only drone commercially available capable of accomplishing the latter.

The drone was engineered by a team from Thailand-based QuadH20, and is currently sold in two forms: as a kit, or as a preassembled ready-to-fly drone.

The HexH2o drone is a small fish in a very big pond

So far, analysts laud the drone for innovation. It remains to be seen if the HexH2o can manage to snag enough of the drone market to turn many heads, especially when both the market and consumer base are growing every day.

The drone is extremely maneuverable, constructed with six propellers and a water-proof fiber composite frame. HexH2o provides up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted flight time (or dive time). It weighs 10.4 lbs but is fast enough to keep up with jet skis or speed boats.

It’s worth pointing out that the HexH2o, along with a number of other higher-end drones, requires users to first purchase their own GoPro camera and affix it to the frame of the drone before they can capture high-quality video. The HexH2o kit can be preordered for $895, while the ready-to-fly version is available for $979. With prices already fairly high, consumers might not want to shell out the extra bucks for their own camera system.

Retail prices are expected within the week. Will you be keeping an eye out for the news to come, or is this drone yet another disappointment in a long line of worthless toys? Give us your thoughts in the space below!

Check out these two videos of the HexH2o in action:

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