Microsoft launches Hyperlapse app that fixes shaky videos


Today, Microsoft launched their Microsoft Hyperlapse mobile app that lets you create smooth time lapse videos when taking first-person videos using either your smartphone or tablet. The apps are now available for download on Android (as a demo for now), Windows and Windows Phones.  

First announced as a research project back in August, the Hyperlapse app has come a long way from being one of Microsoft Research’s experimental projects to now a fully functioning commercial product almost everyone can get excited about.

Microsoft Hyperlapse App 

When recording time-lapse videos the traditional way using a static camera, the results are often shaky and uneven due to the inconsistencies created when the user is either in motion or when there is a disturbance in the positioning of the stationary camera. 

To fix these common issues, Microsoft researchers developed an algorithm that generates a 3D model of the environment being filmed and identifies the camera’s main focus within the general field of view. The app then combines all of the frames to create a seamless time-lapse video free of all the jostles and tremors. The app can even correct or delete frames when there is a sudden break or when nothing is happening. 

There are three different products to choose from based on user needs:

  • Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro (Windows) for professionals interested in creating hyper-lapse videos shot on any camera or device.
  • Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile (Windows Phone and some Android phone models) allows you to shorten longer videos so you can share them with friend and family via social media.
  • Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services has developers in mind that allows them to integrate hyper-lapse videos and features into websites and apps.

Although Facebook beat Microsoft to the punch by being the first to release a hyperlapse editing feature, the app quickly languished and is currently not as capable as Microsoft’s version. Unfortunately, an iOS Microsoft Hyperlapse app has yet to be released.

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