New trailer for Street Fighter V fails to impress


Mortal Kombat X has been all the rage in video game circles for the past month and for good reason. The tenth installment of this classic fighting series brings together beautiful graphics, intense online competition, a control scheme that is easy to learn (but difficult to master; button mashers need not apply), a classic character roster and increasingly violent – albeit ridiculous – fatalities. Mortal Kombat is as fun to watch as it is to play, making it the first fighting game worthy of the new generation of consoles. 

With Mortal Kombat receiving so much attention, Capcom naturally felt the pressure to showcase some new gameplay footage of their yet to be released Street Fighter V. The video (above) shows off the new fighting moves of Capcom’s classic villain M. Bison.

New Street Fighter V trailer offers a mixed bag

Although the trailer provides a moment of excitement for longtime Street Fighter fans, the video also highlights a few concerns. Because of the cartoonish character design, it looks like Capcom is getting away with graphics that are similar to those seen in previous generations. With Capcom releasing the game only on Sony’s Playstation 4, they are clearly not making much of an effort to showcase the console’s premium graphical capabilities, which makes us wonder why Capcom is not porting the game to Sony’s competitors. The grim, gritty, and hyper-realistic style of Mortal Kombat X may not be pushing these consoles to their limits either, but in this preview Capcom is clearly getting sloppy. Street Fighter V’s graphics are not bad, but the “more of the same” approach that Capcom is using for this newest installment shows their lack of desire to evolve and improve.  

Street Fighter IV and V graphics comparison.

Street Fighter IV and V graphics comparison.

Regardless, a new Street Fighter game is always something to mark your calendars for. Much like the Mortal Kombat series, the classic gameplay, the familiar character roster and the thumb-blistering online competition is what gamers look forward to. It would be nice to play a Street Fighter game with realistic character designs instead of the Manga-esque style that they have used in the past. It would also be nice to be able to play Street Fighter V on the Xbox One, but that is another story for another day.

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