Choetech’s upgraded QI wireless charging pad


Here’s a routine most of us experience on a nightly basis: crawl to bed, set your alarm clock and grope your way through darkness to find your USB cable so you can plug in your smartphone for charging. After spilling a cup of water and sweeping a few items off your night stand, your devices are all set and you are ready for sleep. But now you’re worked up and have to count those proverbial sheep for at least a half an hour. Sigh.

Choetech’s QI inductive wireless charging pad to the rescue!

This version of Choetech’s wireless charging pad is an upgrade, and boy does it solve many of the problems that plagued its predecessor, namely, too small of a device that didn’t always work. This newer version is sleek, lightweight and compatible with QI enabled devices. If yours isn’t QI enabled, and unfortunately, there are a few, simply purchase an easily attachable wireless receiver card and you are all set (I had to do this with my Nokia Lumia, and the process was a breeze). 

Choetech’s T531 wireless charging pad design

choetech wirelss charging pad in actionI was first struck by the unobtrusive thinness of this wireless charging device. Measuring 66 X 60 X 1.3mm, the T531 feels like a feather in your hand and its rubber surface is smooth to the touch. With an aluminum metallic ring covering its width and a single, square-shaped LED indicator near one of its corners, this wireless charging pad is a stylish addition to either your home or office desk. 

Okay, but how well does it work?

I’ve read a few reviews to gauge consumer sentiment and it appears a few users have complained about the charging process not working after a few hours, or even minutes. After testing the T531 wireless charing pad, it really boils down to following the instructions that come with the device. If you don’t set your phone in the proper manner, then yes, the wireless charging pad won’t always work. To this I say, duh. Following proper protocol, not once did I experience an issue. Obviously, the wireless charging pad won’t charge as fast as a conventional USB plug in, but after an entire evening of charging you’ll be happy to discover a fully recharged phone.

For the price, appearance and lightweight feel, this is a wireless charging pad you should seriously consider.


  • Output Voltage: DC5V
  • Charging Current: 700mA
  • Input Power: 5W
  • Distance: 5mm
  • Dimension: 66*60*1.3mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Charging Rate: ≥70%

8.5 Excellent

Choetech's T531 wireless charging pad is an excellent QI compliant device that works well with most smartphones. It's sleek and stylish build and lightweight feel makes this a handsome addition to any home or office desk.

  • Durability 8
  • Portability 10
  • Charging Rate 8
  • Compatibility 8
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