Is Samsung’s new “Safety Truck” already obsolete?


In an effort to eliminate blind spots for other drivers on the road, Samsung recently demonstrated plans for a Safety Truck” that could change the way we maneuver roadways. Currently, the company is seeking regulatory approval for the potential line of trucks.

The idea is nothing new, and could be made obsolete by more advanced technologies already released abroad. 

Russian design house Art Lebedev unveiled the simple safety concept for big rig trucks back in 2009, but for some reason the idea never made it past the planning stage. The idea involved affixing a front-facing camera to large tractor trailers. The camera would then upload a real-time feed to a large video display toward the rear of the vehicle, making large trucks appear transparent to other drivers.

Will Samsung ever really mass-produce the Safety Truck?

samsung_safety_truck_1Although eliminating blind spots for other drivers was a great idea, the Russian Transparentius concept stalled, possibly due to lack of interest or the high expense of installing video displays at the time. Even today, the level of investment forces us to wonder if Samsung really plans to follow through on a large scale.

More importantly, the Safety Truck may already be obsolete.

Next year, US automakers are scheduled to deploy cars installed with Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications systems that would allow vehicles to transmit relevant safety data to their drivers. If a vehicle in front of your own is moving erratically or there is a collision down the road, your car would let you know. In time, vehicles will probably act on their own in order to keep passengers safe–especially with Tesla’s autopilot system debuting this summer and the inevitability of automated vehicles.

The V2V technology is similar to traffic light networking technology released by Audi in Germany. If a traffic light is about to turn red, Audi cars would transmit data to let you know exactly how fast you should travel in order to hit a green light. This would potentially reduce the number of auto collisions while also saving millions of gallons of gas and increasing traffic flow.

Check out conceptual plans for the new Safety Truck:

Is the Safety Truck really worth it with all this crazy new technology already well above the horizon? You decide.

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