Microsoft’s HoloLens takes Minecraft to a whole new level


Minecraft is arguably one of the most popular sandbox independent video games in the world, instilling brick-by-brick building mania among children, adolescents and adults alike. From epic recreations of the seven wonders of the ancient world and modern day megalopolises to the crafting of gargantuan fictionalized worlds and customized mods that involve the creation of fully functioning CPUs and engineering contraptions, the simple do-it-yourself format of Minecraft has enslaved captivated the imagination and determination of people from all walks of life and orientation. 

And thanks to Microsoft’s HoloLens, Minecraft just got even more insane.

minecraft HoloLensDuring today’s Microsoft E3 2015 press conference, audiences shrieked and swooned, their displays of excitement reaching historic highs of video game hysteria. As eyes bulged and mouths drooled, Microsoft Studios guru Saxs Persson demonstrated a game of Minecraft using Microsoft’s much hyped HoloLens, an augmented reality gaming headset that continues to impress with each successive preview. 

As Persson resurrected Minecraft in 3D using HoloLens, some members of the audience gripped their blankie while suspicious wet-spots appeared in the crotches of others. 

What HoloLens does to Minecraft

HoloLens will bring about the rapture. No, not really. But it will project your Minecraft game on any wall surface, even transferring to others as desired. You can also manipulate your Minecraft world using your voice and hands, in addition to being able to walk around and toggle deeper into, or farther out from, any specific vantage point. HoloLens even allows you to execute commands by voice at the most granular level. Are you impressed yet?

Sure, it was a highly controlled demo. Sure, you are a PS4 fanboy who’ll hate anything not branded Sony. Sure, you are an unimaginative…Okay, I digress. Simply put, the future of HoloLens appears bright, and in the least, shows us a glimpse of what’s to come in the world of gaming. This isn’t about Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo. This is about innovation, and what we saw today was nothing less than amazing. 

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