Samsung unveils futuristic mirrors and OLED displays


Samsung unveiled the next generation of mirrors and OLED displays this past Wednesday during a tech demonstration in Hong Kong. These gadgets will be paired with Intel’s RealSense technology, paving the way to a more realistic virtual world.

The human eye is often described as one of nature’s impossibly complex creations, in no small part due to what we know as depth perception. Cameras failed to achieve this until now. RealSense is “the world’s first integrated 3D depth and 2D camera module that helps devices ‘see’ depth much like the human eye.”

RealSense was originally designed for computer use, working sort of like Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect. Instead of a touchscreen display, one could simply wave or point in order to interact with a device.

How will these mirrors and OLED displays be used?

The potential for this technology is vast, and Samsung’s simple demonstration of mirrors and OLED displays helped paint a more meaningful picture for a lot of people. For example, one might use the mirrors to find out what a set of clothes look like when worn–all without a visit to the fitting rooms.

This could also transform the way ads are used to target individual consumers. Samsung detailed that the mirrors and OLED displays will use RealSense’s voice and gesture control capabilities in a series of interactive ads. It seems what is more convenient must also be more annoying, but it’s the price we pay for advancement!



Samsung also said that the displays are more advanced than most mirror LCDs in use today, delivering clearer, sharper images at greater response times.

This is an exciting time for technology lovers that hope to interact with the world in new ways, especially with several virtual reality gaming hardware scheduled for release this year (e.g. Oculus Rift) and the recurring promise of Microsoft’s game-changing HoloLens along with the release of Windows 10. The real question is this: “Will they release something viable ahead of competitors?”

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