Choetech’s Home Power Center offers all-in-one convenience


With an abundance of electronic devices littering our bedrooms because we feel it necessary to check our feeds, texts and pics just one more time several times over, we are increasingly entangled in chords and short on outlets. After-all, it’s not just our smartphones that need charging, but also our tablets, our spouse’s electronic devices, and now all the fun wearables that need nightly juicing. Fortunately, Choetech’s Home Power Center is here to help solve all of our simultaneous charging demands.

The simplicity and beauty of a Home Power Center

cheetah home power centerI can’t praise Choetech’s Home Power Center enough. Of all the products they’ve sent me to review, this is by far one of my favorites. In fact, it’s an essential complement to all of the devices I use. Before ever owning a Home Power Center, I was always playing the which-device-to-charge game because I only had a few outlets available nearby. Either that or I had to snake extension chords under and around the bed frame, a practice I wasn’t too fond of given these wires were so near my head. 

With Choetech’s Home Power Center, I no longer have to fuss with winding extension chords, or have to choose which devices get charged, and which don’t. With five 40W USB ports and 2 outlets, this Home Power Center is able to power all of my favorite devices at once. And best of all, they’re all charged to the max the following morning. 

The outlets offer surge protection, and the ports come with smart charging technology that automatically adjusts power streams to meet the demands of your given device. 

The only shortcoming of Choetech’s Home Power Center is the casing. Although it’s not the most solid plastic framing, it’s good enough and unless you’re planning on playing Frisbee with this thing, it’s an adequate enough build.


  • Technical Parameters: AC 100-250V
  • Surge energy: 1700J
  • Peak current: 15000A
  • Response time: 1NS
  • USB: 5 PCS (5V2.4A*5)

8.3 Buy

Despite a less than stellar casing, Choetech's Home Power Center offers charging convenience, simplicity and reliability making this an essential device to have for any heavy electronic device user.

  • Durability 7
  • USB charging capacity 10
  • Charging rate 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 10

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