Drone captures hyperdrive view of London’s subterranean tunnels


Videos captured by drones can be captivating, providing extraordinarily unique angles of otherwise common attractions or views of places nearly impossible to reach. With a little bit of the latter and former in mind, Crossrail, a transportation company, used a drone to capture footage from high above London just before diving into the city’s spooky subterranean tunnels.

For a longer look at the drone’s subterranean adventure, check out the full video from the BBC.

More drones taking jaw-dropping footage underground:

The following photograph depicts the first drone ever to traverse part of the Noord/Zuidlijn, a 9.7 km subway line in Amsterdam:


In this next photograph, you can see a gorgeous view of an aquamarine tinted pool of water hugging the edges of a sloping rubble of rock. This was taken inside the Vietnamese caves of Hang En and Son Doong as part of a segment for Good Morning America.

This next image is thankfully fake, but not all of the artist’s other renderings makes it so easy to tell the difference between what’s real and unreal. Check out the others here.Fake

Most of the following are taken from the aforementioned caves in Vietnam:underground drone 2

underground drone 3

underground drone 4

underground drone 5

underground drone 6

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