Heather Woods Broderick gets personal in ‘Glider’


It’s been a few years since songstress and multi-instrumentalist Heather Woods Broderick last released a solo album. Fortunately, fans will not be disappointed with her latest release Glider, an album full of haunting yet soothing sounds listeners will find refreshing in a deeply personal way.

Broderick has a lengthy musical resume, including membership in indie bands like Horse Feathers, Loch Lomond and Efterklang. She’s also unique for having played musical instruments since she was a child, giving her the advantage of inspiring uncanny musical depth and nuance. With several albums dating back to 2004, Broderick’s Glider (released on July 10) proves she’s here to stay with plenty of creativity left to spare. 


broderickBroderick made this summer album a family affair, soliciting the musicianship and audio mixing talents of her brother, Peter Broderick. From the first to last song, the lyrical quality and delivery of Heather’s ghostly vocals feel personal, helping existing and new found fans of Broderick’s music to connect effortlessly. Broderick’s vocal tones seek to enhance listeners, allowing them to both consciously and unconsciously take in her lyrics throughout the album.

One of the songs that best reveals her captivating lyrics is her single, “Wyoming.” The lyrics of this song mirror a story that intrigues people as they listen. As Broderick reminisces about the sun shining on her mother’s yard, the echo-heavy tones of the song invite wistful remembrance, like when she sings, “by the end of the night on your shoulder, I rested.”

This nine-song release highlights her talents as an instrumentalist and reveals the warmth of her nature that is at once disarming and relatable (check out “A Call For Distance”). Production on songs like this force listeners to admire the instrumentation behind her voice and lyrics, each complimenting the other like any natural pairing should.

Although one might view the consistent slow-tempo and soft approach to this album a limitation, it’s in fact a breath of fresh air amid the bluster and hype of current top 40 hits. Yes, it’s perfection for a long walk, drive, or date with nature, but it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to stop there for music lovers.

Listeners can also look forward to the end of the album; the last three songs “Desert,” “Glider” and “All for a Love” leave you with a true understanding of Broderick’s sentiments and artistry.

In fact, the entire album is solid, even the last song “All for a Love” guides listeners to perpetual reflection that ends in an instrumental sign-off; once the music stops, the emotions this album stirs will likely keep going.

Glider is available for purchase on July 10. It can also be heard here on Soundcloud

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