Why the impending ‘mini ice age’ story is BS


A new look at the source material that originally implied our planet could be headed for a mini ice age due to a 60 percent decline in solar activity within the next two decades is not all its cracked up to be. Apparently, the recent conjecture about the supposed cool down is a load of crap. Is anyone shocked?

The original story was disseminated by the Royal Astronomical Society on July 2, when the organization announced a presentation on the subject would be led by Valentina Zharkova.

What would a mini ice age mean for the planet?

In 1645, our very unfortunate forefathers found themselves experiencing very unpleasant weather conditions. Coincidentally, there was a period of low solar activity coinciding with the period of coldest weather. Scientists note that we still don’t know the exact cause of the Little Ice Age, as it came to be known.

Less sun means less growth and less food, but because the 1645 event was not global, only certain regions felt the effects.

In 1645, the world’s population was well below a billion people. Today the population is over 7 billion. Were we to find ourselves in the midst of another mini ice age similar to the one that hit in 1645, the aforementioned conditions would be significantly magnified in terms of pain incurred.

Is history about to repeat itself? We even have a Twitter hashtag for the occasion: #IceAge

Luckily, we know better now.

The summary provided by the Royal Astronomical Society was not written by Zharkova, who didn’t even mention potential weather anomalies during her presentation. In addition, other sources have handily indicated that Zharkova’s predictions aren’t yet part of a peer-reviewed study and aren’t ready to be taken seriously. Especially since we really have no idea why the 1645 event occurred.

In other words, we have a lot of work to do before we start worrying about the next mini ice age. Time to relax, folks.

Granted, this also means that we still have to worry about the almost imminent catastrophe that will inevitably come about from global warming. Never mind about relaxing!

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