This Star Wars, World War 2 mashup is pure awesome


After declaring war on the world, Hitler has been tapped by none other than Darth Vader to broaden the spit-spewing dictator’s vision of global conquest to include the universe. Fortunately, where there is evil, there is always good, and to prevent a genetically modified race of Aryans from spreading throughout the cosmos, the Rebel Alliance has forged a partnership with the Allied powers to upend Hitler and Vader’s vision of imperial domination. 

star wars mashupOkay, so I took a few liberties, but since there is no denying that Lucas was inspired by the Third Reich’s fascist ideology when creating the Imperial Forces, this oddly fitting mashup of Star Wars and World War 2 film footage only proves the point.

In the following trailer, you’ll see AT-ATs raining down lasers on fearless US soldiers, TIE fighters embroiled in aerial combat with X-wing fighters over Germany, and Admiral Ackbar giving General MacArthur advice, among other priceless scenes. One of my personal favorites involves US trainees practicing their parrying skills with light sabers. 

The trailer was put together by Iron Horse Cinema to promote their upcoming film entry for the Star Wars Fan Film competition in London 2016. They are also the 2015 winners of the same competition for their first fan made Star Wars film, “The Lesser Evil.”

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