New social network offers digital immortality


While larger corporations are pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into achieving biological immortality, smaller companies are working to provide you with a tiny measure of comfort through the creation of a digital legacy. Portugese IT company AUTO.NET recently announced ETER9, a social network that users digital immortality.

ETER9 CEO Henrique Jorge elaborates on the new concept:

ETER9 is not just another social network, it brings fresh air to all social users. The concept of immortality is attracting more and more people to the platform as well as the counterpart concept, and this makes the difference.

It proposes an interesting concept of digital immortality, promising to be the elixir of eternity for its users. ETER9 is a form of social interaction for the new generation, where it’s possible to establish connections with both human users and virtual beings. I can create a New Reality where the impossible can happen and eternity is within reach.

What is digital immortality, and who would want it?

The concept of digital immortality simply means that a part of you–in this case your personality–could live on forever within the confines of the Internet. Unhealthy though it may be, many of us are uncomfortable with the idea of passing on without leaving an eternal mark. For most of us, that mark is children. For others, power and wealth.

For this reason, it’s easy to see how the new social network may acquire a following of users who seek this form of digital immortality.

A digital ETER9 counterpart keeps track of a user’s posts, comments, and various interactions. This artificial intelligence is designed to use this information to learn as much as possible about the user, eventually gaining the ability to mimic his or her personality.

More interesting is what happens when a user is not online. A part of the ETER9 AI called “Cortex” uses what it learned to keep publishing content. The social network also employs digital beings to post on their own. Soon, your digital counterpart might begin interacting with these other digital beings–giving new meaning to the idea of a social experiment.

Would you sign up?

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