5G cell networks are just around the corner


In 2005, we were using third-generation (3G) cell networks and bouncing texts back and forth on our shiny new RAZR cell phones. That was only a decade ago. Who could have imagined that only a few years later we would be carrying miniature computers everywhere we go? That’s the reality of today. 4G was introduced in 2008, and 5G is on the horizon. But really–what does the fifth generation of cell networks have in store for us?

Here are the grand implications of 5G cell networks

As with past advancements, the fifth generation will bring with it more speed. We can all rest assured that it is only a matter of time before the dream of downloading HD movies to our iPhones and Android devices in a matter of seconds is within our grasp.

5G carriers will enable consumers to download at speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps). That’s 40 times faster than the capabilities of 4G.

Although network and wireless download speeds have increased tremendously throughout the years, it seems we’re still waiting for something new to expedite existing speeds. Well, that something new appears to be 5G.

And it isn’t just about the speed of downloading media or perusing the Internet. 5G will allow machines to communicate with one another in a way that was never possible before, enabling them to make decisions without interacting with a human participant–you. With 5G, the Internet of Things (or IoT) that promises to connect all the gizmos and gadgets inside of our homes might finally be realized. 5G will allow industries to create smarter machines that can communicate with one another, increasing automation to help fix many of the critical issues of our day.

When will we have 5G cell networks?

The commercialization of 5G should occur around 2020, by which time many more of the world’s people will be granted access to the internet (right now only about half are online).

Check out this video from Samsung for more:

Of course, I’m sure even 5G will someday feel sluggish given all that 4K content itching for release.

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