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Founded in 2013, Tech Gen Magazine offers in-depth coverage of the latest news in technology, science and space. Our goal is to enlighten, inform and entertain, providing readers a diverse mix of content that explores the impact of STEM on cultures and societies around the world.

Editor-in-chief, founder:

Kristian Markus


Kristian strives to enlighten and entertain readers. In addition to his teaching and editorial responsibilities, he is working on a science-fiction novel that promises not to include exoskeleton suits and anemic aliens floating in mysterious vats of green-tinted goop.


Bradley Bailey


Poet, web designer, and tech writer, Brad Bailey is co-founder of Tech Gen Mag. Having once been a regular in the Orange County poetry circuit, Brad set his notebooks aside to assist childhood friend, Kristian Markus, with the task of building a web-based tech magazine. Born into the Nintendo generation, Brad is a longtime fan of video games, gadgets, and computers.He is also a podcasting enthusiast with a flair for gadget reviews.

Founding member:

Nate Palma

Nat1A self-taught writer with some college (a nice way of saying that he didn’t graduate), Nate fell in love with pocket billiards in his mid teens, and has spent more than half of his life as a student of the sport. Yes, it’s a sport, which he’ll defend incessantly if anyone claims otherwise. He also loves video games, with his favorite game being Dark Souls, followed by Dark Souls as a close second, and Resident Evil 4 being his fourth favorite game (Dark Souls is his third favorite game). He has a tendency to ramble on when you strike up a conversation with him, so asking him for a short bio is a dangerously boring proposition and not recommended. Otherwise, he tends to keep to himself.

Staff writers:

Jeffrey Joslin

Jeffrey JoslinJeff is a self-proclaimed pragmatic futurist; that is, he has high hopes for absurd life-altering technologies which sound too good to be true, and probably are. Although he writes on a variety of subjects, his real passion is for technological innovation and the people who make it happen. By day, he enjoys fuzzy bunnies, kittens, puppies, roller coasters and a sardonic written word or two. By night, he’s busy running, replaying a random Final Fantasy game, or pretending to be Batman. He currently resides in Upstate NY.

Adam Cameron

Adam CameronAdam Cameron spent his academic career learning about Persian culture and its language, but ultimately decided that a job in the military-security-industrial complex just wasn’t for him. He worked with Iranian refugees for a few years and has always dreamed of being a writer. He lives in North Hollywood, California in an 8-bit cocoon made out of an elaborate blanket fort covered in Adventure Time posters.

Andrew Montiveo

Andrew MontiveoAndrew Montiveo is a contributing writer who covers entertainment and technology. An LA native, UC alumn (for whatever that’s worth), pseudo-intellectual, and professional lounge lizard, he is also the producer of Electric Federal, an automotive channel on YouTube.

Brandon Bailey

brandonBrandon Bailey is a late bloomer, specifically a Saussurea Obvallata. Someday you may see him at a local botanical display, or perhaps just withering on the vine. Brandon has had a lifelong fascination with science, history, travel, and the lost arts. He can be found writing in East Los Angeles, California, or exploring the city’s many hidden treasures. Brandon is also a self-taught pianist and a connoisseur of music in all its forms.

Ethan Levinskas

ethanEthan Levinskas is a writer living in North Hollywood where he enjoys a consistent diet of oven baked pizzas and blessing each slice with his shameless tears. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Art + Science (yes, that is the degree name) at Columbia College Chicago with a focus in screenwriting. He enjoys keeping up to date with the evolving technology behind the gaming, film, and music industries. His goal is to one day have people enjoy his stories from a reclined leather seat with a bag of overpriced popcorn in their hands.

Guest writers:

Alicia Johnson

Alicia Johnson

Alicia aspires to use her writing to provoke conversation regarding society’s peaks and pits, ranging from political affairs to entertainment news. As a high school Journalism instructor for three years, song writer and lover of words, she plans on using her study of the media and the craft of writing to personalize a journalistic reporting style for readers to enjoy.

Aaron White

aaronwhiteAaron White is a part-time writer and full time bibliophile. He recently returned to the United States after living overseas, where he finished a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on Environmental Policy. When he’s not writing, or taking his dogs on underwhelming runs in the Colorado Desert, he can be found playing music or silk screening. He’s a bit of a nerd for sustainable technology and all things DIY.

Tim Smart

timsmartAs a student majoring in psychology and minoring in science, I understand the importance of keeping a human element in today’s growing technological world. I have been an avid gamer since the early Super Nintendo days. I believe the characters and stories that video games and films tell do play an important role in our society. I hope that one day with the use of technology and science that the quality of our lives will greatly improve.

Steven Norris


Steven Norris is a born writer, living in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town and educated in the ways of graphic design but destined to follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest authors. He has had many years of experience as an SEO copywriter, learning the ropes the hard way before utterly mastering them. He loves training others to write, how to create stories from nothing and how to deliver them to a wider audience. His passion is gadgets, video games, and sorting jellybeans by colour and weight.

Stephen Barbour

stephenbHaving worked in retail tech sales for the better part of a decade, Stephen has been on the front lines of consumer electronics and seeing their impact on modern culture. From his humble beginnings at Circuit City, Stephen has gone on to help introduce the Nook eReader and tablet to the world, and to manage a store at RadioShack. Currently, he is working for AT&T Mobility. One of Stephen’s goals is to bridge the gap that can exist between what a “techie” thinks is important in a device or service and what is important and practical for the average consumer.

Parth Raval

parthParth studied English and creative writing at the University of California, Irvine. Although he’s involved in many writing projects, including the UP Lab, a lifestyle blog based in Orange County, he always has time to read a novel or to chat about metaphysics. He enjoys mahogany furniture, tailored suits, and dialogue that includes the word “nefarious.”


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