0 Ep. 2: YouTube turns 10

In this episode, Ethan and friends discuss their first experiences with YouTube, its growth and the monetization of their partners’ content. We also discuss current favorite channels and the sociological impact that the site has had on each and every one of us. Enjoy!

0 Cord cutting and the early days of the NES

In this episode, hosts Kristian Markus and Brad Bailey discuss the pros and cons of cord cutting and how they have adapted to the experience. They also spend some time discussing the dawn of the Nintendo era and how their parents reacted to it. Although it takes Brad and Kristian a few minutes to get their nerd groove going, this podcast offers plenty of hilarity. And be sure to listen for the haunting sounds of domesticated life.

0 Rovers, probes and landers, oh my!

In this podcast, host Kristian Markus interviews aerospace engineer Brian Kirkpatrick about all things rovers, probes and landers. It’s a nerdtastic discussion about…

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