Ep. 3: Automation, AI and Basic Income


Machine takeover has always played an integral role in science fiction. It is typically portrayed through violence and rebellion, but what if their takeover was peaceful and subtle? Machines have been taking over human jobs for years, but what will happen when the job market runs dry? In this episode, host Ethan Levinskas and friends debate the potential political and economic repercussions of automation. 

About Author

Ethan Levinskas is a writer living in North Hollywood where he enjoys a consistent diet of oven baked pizzas and blessing each slice with his shameless tears. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Art + Science (yes, that is the degree name) at Columbia College Chicago with a focus in screenwriting. He enjoys keeping up to date with the evolving technology behind the gaming, film, and music industries. His goal is to one day have people enjoy his stories from a reclined leather seat with a bag of overpriced popcorn in their hands.

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