Algorithms and the Internet of Things


We have all heard the word “algorithm” and we have even heard the concepts “machine learning” and the “Internet of Things” whispered among lanky hipsters during their numerous coffee house conversations. But can we trust them?

Although we here at Tech Gen Mag are no haters of any social group, we have got the experts and the scoop on all things tech, and if you want to impress your friends, or perhaps just expand your knowledge, then be sure to check out this episode where host Kristian Markus sits down with aerospace engineer Brian Kirkpatrick to discuss the history, impact and future of algorithms, among other fascinating subjects like machine learning and the Internet of Things.

Mr. Kirkpatrick is in the biz, and his run-down of the origin and function of modern day algorithms offers an accessible and thorough break-down providing several key insights on how they affect almost everything we do on the internet and beyond.

Take a listen, spread the word, and enjoy.

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