The future of cinema


In this episode, host Ethan Levinskas talks with fellow filmmakers Jaimal and JD about the changing landscape of cinema in the face of technology. With YouTube investing in new content from its top creators, and Oculus claiming to be the next step for filmmaking, there are a plethora of new tools for creators to utilize. We also take a moment to differentiate between Kiefer Sutherland and Kefir, the yogurt beverage.

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This Podcast was originally recorded by Ethan Levinskas.

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Kristian strives to enlighten and entertain readers. In addition to his teaching and editorial responsibilities, he is working on a science-fiction novel that promises not to include exoskeleton suits and anemic aliens floating in mysterious vats of green-tinted goop.


    Benderpatronius Moncrief on

    Ethan and Jaimal, I heard but could not see you. YOUR VOICES ARE LIKE FLOWERS IN BLOOM, CRACKLING YET SOOTHING, FULL OF HOPE. Flop out thine peen.

  2. stuff@nah.hipster'

    This was really entertaining to listen to, guys. Keep it up. It was really interesting coming from a more technical side to hear about this part of the entertainment industry.

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