Uber, autonomous technology and gaming addiction


With the recent rise and remarkable success of Uber, will their labor model become a new standard for corporate America and beyond? Innovative companies like Google are keeping a very close eye on Uber’s platform. With Google’s new autonomous vehicles, they could take Uber to task with a similar service without the need for drivers. Are we witnessing the dawn of a new labor industry, one that does not require human laborers? Is it a bleak future that lay ahead of us, with the inevitable rise of robotics and artificial intelligence?

In this episode of the Tech Gen Mag Podcast, hosts Kristian Markus and Brad Bailey discuss these things and more.

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About Author

Poet, web designer, and tech writer, Brad Bailey is co-founder of Tech Gen Mag. Having once been a regular in the Orange County poetry circuit, Brad set his notebooks aside to assist childhood friend, Kristian Markus, with the task of building a web-based tech magazine. Born into the Nintendo generation, Brad is a longtime fan of video games, gadgets, and computers.

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