Unbearable buzz: the top ten overhyped tech of 2014


Tune in to our latest episode of the Tech Gen Mag Podcast, where Kristian Markus and Brad Bailey discuss the finer points of Brad Bailey’s controversial article, Top 10 most overhyped tech of 2014. Not everyone has agreed with us on this list (the Bitcoin fanboys expressed their rage on Reddit). Still, to be fair, it was meant to ruffle some feathers.

You’ve heard the podcast. Now, read the article.


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Poet, web designer, and tech writer, Brad Bailey is co-founder of Tech Gen Mag. Having once been a regular in the Orange County poetry circuit, Brad set his notebooks aside to assist childhood friend, Kristian Markus, with the task of building a web-based tech magazine. Born into the Nintendo generation, Brad is a longtime fan of video games, gadgets, and computers.

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