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0 Whiskey, mystics and men

This one if for the hipsters, the bearded ones, the brawny men, and anyone looking to get cozy with a nice whiskey drink. On this episode of Tech Gen Mag, host Brad Bailey sits down with special guest Chris Mathis for an epic whiskey tasting.

1 Guardians of the Galaxy debate

Although the film is beloved by fans all over the world, Kristian Markus plunges head first into declaring his discontent with the film. Not to worry, though, as Brad is quick to offer a staunch defense of the film, resulting in a discussion full of hilarity and self-confessed paranoia, with special guests “wife-with-an-angry-glass-of-wine” and a meowing cat who could care less about intruding on a live recording in progress.

0 Algorithms and the Internet of Things

Although we here at Tech Gen Mag are no haters of any social group, we’ve got the experts and the scoop on all things tech, and if you want to impress your friends, or perhaps just expand your knowledge, then be sure to check out the Tech Gen Mag Podcast, Episode 3 where host Kristian Markus sits down with aerospace engineer Brian Kirkpatrick to discuss the history, impact and future of algorithms, among other fascinating subjects like machine learning and the Internet of Things.